Sunday, 1 September 2013

eBay and Paypal Headaches selling bitcoins

Here I will describe the joy and pain of selling Bitcoins on eBay
My first thought, as with most people, was.. "Bitcoin market price at $130 per unit? People selling them on eBay and other people buying them for upto $200 a unit" (Australian Dollars), I thought to myself.. Hey, why not.. I've got about 8 BTC I've mined, brought and built up by investing over the last few week. I'll sell a few fractions of units..
They sold fast to a few eBay users. Money was in my Paypal, I sent the Bitcoin... Assuming all was good...


PAYPAL DISPUTE: eBay user claims account was.... Hacked.. Ummm. I've already sent the coin and they are disputing the money?!?!

Few hours later... another one... this time it was after much correspondence with the user and sending the coin... Feedback left.. Negative.. Paypal dispute the moment they would've received the BTC in their wallet.

Currently, I have 5 open disputes with Paypal. Some have been open for about 8 working days now and still no answer.. I have sent Blockchain info, original feedback left by customer, original correspondence.
The most common excuse is "account was hacked" hmmm, I never had so many problems selling on eBay before (in about 4 years). and funny how the dispute came only after I sent the BTC. Sometime it may have been 24 hours before I posted the BTC.  How come not disputed before then? Hacked my arse!

Here are some of the eBay users
izziey_526 stephen10_2

These are the three that I have had problems with. Do not trust. I had volunteered refunds for a few others on eBay as I did not trust them for a transaction either. I would say about 60% of the people on eBay buying crypto-currency are good.. The other 40% are frauds.
And to think that only 2 weeks ago I had about 300 feedback with 100% feedback results from a few years eBay trading.. That all went to shit after I dealt with the lies by Buyers, eBay and Paypal.

Thanks for the thefts.. I'll get my coins back by Mining and Investing like I did before. You can not stop me :)

Just a late addition to this... I wouldn't trust anyone that was too eager to buy something at an inflated price when it is cheaper elsewhere - and especially to buy more than 1 "over-priced" unit. Also, low feedback score on a buyer is generally bad, but I've had some very high feedback scores try to rip me off also.

Paypal and eBay refuse to answer my emails on the subject and have threatened me with "We will close your Paypal and eBay account". Good job protecting the buyer... I mean.. liar.