Thursday, 5 September 2013

Links of where to get Bitcoins and places to use them.

I am writing this post just to list a few places I have found that offer Bitcoins for free, earning them or trading for other altcoins.

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Bitcoin Faucets
Here are list of Bitcoin Faucets. These generally allow you to make requests anywhere from about 30 minutes to 24 hours. Just enter your Bitcoin Wallet address and very often will require you to pass a "human test" captcha. You can acquire anything from 2uBTC to 1000uBTC from these sites. Faucets are not the best alternative to other methods such as mining and trading, but it is a good start if you are a beginner and wish to acquire a little. It can also add a little too if you do this in your free/idle time.
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BITHITS pays 2uBTC for every submission you do. I do believe there is a 3 limit per day per Wallet address.

The Bitcoin Pages

Earning Bitcoins through posts, advertising and buying/selling goods - Earn Bitcoins through shortened Links on Posts, Blogs and More. - Betting on everything with Bitcoins (political, technical and others) - Exchange $'s for BTC at this Exchange.

Trading on Exchange Markets for Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies - Vircurex Coin Exchange - Simple and Easy to use (Great for beginners and probably my favourite of all the exchanges) - Another good coin exchange - Offers 20+ Coins for trade - A site where you can buy and sell stock in Cryptocoin ideas (mining/investment) and receive dividend payments. Mostly regular, but then stock markets are always like that :)
www.paradox.btc - A physical exchange, information bank, and consulting for Bitcoin. - Contains a little bit on Cryptocurrency

You can also earn Bitcoins through the following cloud mining sites

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